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Monday, November 8, 2010

Calming Winter Bath...

Who doesn't love the idea of a long, luxurious bath during the cold winter months to shake the chill for a bit?  Candlelight, decadent scents,  luxurious soaps & scrubs to pamper your parts in the tub, and finally, a rich body butter to moisturize your parts when you step out of the bath.  Ahhhhhhhhh.... pure bliss & the perfect escape from the hectic day.   I think a nice long bath may be on the agenda for this evening.  ;-)

Mclovebuddy on Etsy was kind enough to include my Milan Luxury Goat Milk Soap in the gorgeous "Calming Winter Bath" treasury.  I find myself in some talented company.... and I just want to share the love! Be sure to visit the shops featured in the treasury for some truly amazing finds.  :-)


  1. Ooooh I miss having a bathtub! At least once every three or four days I lament the fact that it's been almost three years since I've taken a bath.

    To be clear, I do have a shower. ;p

  2. I know just what you mean! We spent five years in a house with no tub (a shower, of course! LOL!)... I absolutely LOVE my ginormous tub in my master bath now. ♥

  3. Yes, that does sound so soothing. I haven't soaked in a tub for ages...too much in a rush I suppose, but that does sound heavenly.
    Congratulations for being in the treasury!

  4. Thank you, Linda! I don't take the time to take a nice long soak nearly often enough myself. Life is tooooooo hectic.