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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Latest Goodies To Hit The Shelves!

Alright... finally!  Here are the latest goodies to hit the Midnight Gypsy Luxe shelves...

Ultra-sheer, shimmering mineral lip tints.  Made with the same amazing formula we use for our wildly popular lip balms - skin softening oils like avocado & sweet almond, along with nourishing coconut oil and lanolin for the ultimate in soothing moisture. No waxy, gloppy, grainy or sticky feel to our tints...they just glide on beautifully and leave behind a silky hint of shimmering color!

These leave behind a subtle shimmer while imparting spectacular sheen with no heavy "glitter" look. I love lipstick.... in theory. Unfortunately, when I wear lipstick, I feel like "Hey! Here come Tina's lips!"... That's why I love these lip tints - they are mistake-proof and give you a healthy looking glow.

They are available in four different shades -

Sylph - A pale pink, silver & gold shimmer that imparts a gorgeous, healthy glow to the lips. Uber-sheer.

Bronze Age -  Just a hint of bronze/copper shimmer. Uber-sheer.

Gothica - just a hint of pale silver shimmer.  Uber-sheer.

Hot Pants - A sheer wash of chocolate cherry color with  a hint of shimmer.
 I introduced these at a large craft show Thanksgiving weekend & they were a HUGE a hit. 

We've also added bath salts to our product line-up... Our Satin Bathing Salts are a therapeutic blend of solar sea salt & epsom salts drizzled with our proprietary blend of five lightweight skin-nourishing oils for a shot of moisture.  They are HIGHLY fragranced.  I love bath salts, but I have absolutely hated it in the past when I would purchase them & find that when I actually add them to the bath I cannot smell them.  For me, that's part of the whole reason for bathing salts - aside from their therapeutic benefits, I believe the aromatherapy benefits are important as well.  That's why I decided when I started making these that they would be highly fragranced.

 They come packaged in a gorgeous 10oz amber jar and are available in six different scents:

Enchanted Woodland... A primeval forest ripe with the scents of earth & sky. Moss, yucca, galbanum & marine notes come together in this fresh, earthy fragrance that's sure to please the nature lover. 

Mysterious... Soft florals melded with a hint of sandalwood and patchouli, layered over musk. This is a clean, earthy scent with soft musky undertones. Slightly sweet, with a faint finish of soft powder on the drydown. SEXY. This is one of those scents that ALWAYS makes people do a double take, or a double sniff, as the case may be. ;-)

Paradise Found... Creamy tahitian vanilla, island citrus, and lush coconut. This is THE perfect tropical blend and is one of our best sellers in every single product we fragrance with it. This is perfect for your favorite beach comber! :-)

Pull of The Tides... An undertow of fresh, crisp aquatic notes. A walk along the shore beneath the full moon, a whisper of seaspray upon your skin. This is a clean spa-like scent, never overpowering.

Boudoir... A sensual blend of buttery french vanilla and golden amber over a base of mysterious woods make for an addicting, decadent scent that you just can't stop inhaling. In fact, it's our signature scent here at Midnight Gypsy Luxe...we can't get enough! ♥ Also available in our 48oz glass jar.

While You Were Sleeping... Scented with soothing, fragrant English lavender essential oil.

For the holidays, we also have some gorgeous 25oz  & 48oz glass jars with apothecary tops.  The scents available in the 25oz glass jar are:

Black Forest... Ripe forest berries with mimosa flowers, soft musk & hints of oak & juniper.  This is also available in the 48oz jar size.
Bountiful... Black tea, crisp harvest apples, & ripe pumpkin dusted with fragrant spices. This scent evolved from a custom request from a client & has quickly turned into one of our most popular fragrances.

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