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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time For A Bit of A Break....

Thank you to all my wonderful customers, both online & locally, who've helped make this a great year!  I'm closing the shop down from December 22nd - January 2nd in order to take a much-needed break & to spend some time with my family.  If you've placed an order, it HAS shipped unless you have been notified otherwise.

I'm taking some time to re-focus, work on some re-branding & putting some fun new updates into effect after the first of the year.  I plan to streamline a bit & will be focusing predominately on handmade perfume oils, solid perfumes, lip balms & lip tints.   Other bath & body products will be offered on a much more limited basis.  My life overfloweth with projects and it's time to take a step back and regroup.

If you have a question regarding the status of an order,  I ship all my packages via PayPal shipping/tracking, so you can always log into your PayPal account, locate the transaction & click the "Track" button for the latest update on your package  from the USPS.  I ship via Priority Mail, except in the case of small items such as perfumes & lip balms, in which case they ship by First Class Mail with delivery confirmation.

Please be aware that due to the heavy volume of packages at this time of year, it seems that the USPS is either lax in scanning packages or they are running way behind on scan times.  I assure you, if you've placed an order it HAS shipped unless I've notified you otherwise or unless you & I have discussed directly that it will ship AFTER this week.

There are a few local orders that will be delivered today & tomorrow - if you're reading this, you know who you are. :-)  

Also, feel free to contact me directly at  I'll be checking in there probably once or twice a day.

Thank you!

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