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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What a warm welcome!

I just have to say that we are so flattered & touched at the warm welcome we've received from the Etsy community! We've been featured in five treasuries this past week alone & it has absolutely floored me. :-)

Our local sales are going bananas...which is a great thing! I think the online sale of bath & body products is tough to crack into at first because folks, myself included, like to "sniff" what they are purchasing before committing to it. Who can blame them? I have no doubt as our online sales at Etsy increase and we (hopefully) build a bit of a following the sales will snowball. There's no reason they shouldn't after the rave reviews we've gotten from local clients here.

We still have lots of great new things up our sleeves, just waiting on the opportunity to roll them out. Our handmade cold-process soaps will be hitting the scene soon, we'll be adding more creations in the perfume oil line as I develop them, and coming very soon will be our fantabulous scented body oil sprays. Woot!

Still lots more fun things to come with additions to the lip balm lineup as well, not to mention milk bath, bath salts, and sugar cube scrubs. We're also adding more scents to our soy wax melt line-up, and talk about ultra cool packaging for those! Gotta love the Pre-Raphaelite art we're using! We are also still developing our candle line & doing lots of testing, hoping to have those rolled out within the next few months as well.

So, thanks again to all our clients and thanks to the Etsy community for the VERY warm welcome!

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