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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Additions To The Shop...

We have new fragrances in our body lotion up in the shop now, Emerald Isle & Boudoir, and I'll be adding Frangipani today. I also plan to have our body oil sprays up this week, as well as our Creamy Milk Bath, so keep checking back in at our storefront at Etsy by clicking here: Midnight Gypsy Luxe.

We also have two new perfume oil blend offerings this week...

In Greek mythology, the Hesperides are the evening nymphs who inhabit the lush garden in the Arcadian Mountains that is home to the tree that bears Hera's golden apples. This is my personal interpretation of them. It's a not-so-innocent blend of honeysuckle, sweet pea, and apple enveloped in a rich base of amber, vanilla, & cedarwood. I've rounded it out with subtle nuances of sandalwood, champa flowers and violet delicately blended with ylang ylang, patchouli and musk. This has been a hit with local retail clients.

Southern Comfort is a bright, stunning blend of ripe juicy peaches and honeysuckle with a base of amber and musk. Rounding it all out is a to-die-for blend of moss, olibanum, galbanum, & yucca. The green notes in this blend give it a clean, soothing finish that make it a perfect fragrance for spring & summer.

Why "Southern Comfort" you ask? Juicy peaches and honeysuckle will always make me think of growing up in the south. A first kiss on the river bank, the moss hanging from the live oaks and that fresh, earthy smell in the air after a rain are stuck in my head forever.

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